Organic Recycling at  Brier Hills Recycling


Our site has the capacity to handle up to 45,000 tonnes of organic water per year.  This can be in solid, sludge or liquid form;  for details of the permitted wastes see our EWC codes and descriptions. 

Material typically received at the site includes a mix of kerbside and civic amenity green waste, along with trees, branches, conifers ie  arisings from garden maintenance and  arboricultural work .

We process the waste according to BSI PAS 100 / Compost quality protocol standard.  This provides a fully traceable audit system following waste from its arrival on site to the finished compost produced.

Standard operating procedures are followed and this, alongside the use of hazard analysis critical control points plan, ensure key parameters are met.  

The waste is initially shredded and batched up, forming open air windrows each with its own reference number .  A careful selection of blending the material ensures an optimal mix in achieved to aid an active composting period of 8 weeks.  During this time the windrows are turned and temperatures are monitored ensuring a sanitisation and stabliation period are undertaken.  

Once the compositing process is complete the compost is processed through one of our screeners to separate out the required grade size required.  Our products are used in agriculture as a soil conditioner/fertiliser and are also suitable for horticultural use.

Routine sampling of the finished produced provides an analysis of the compost produced and provides essential information for the end user.

More information can be found on our products pages.