Farm Contracting

Farm contracting services based in South Yorkshire.

We specialise in the production of biofuels for our on-farm AD site. We offer a full stubble to stubble service

Krone BigX 1180  (Click for more info)

 The worlds biggest Forage Harvester. Our Krone Forager has a whopping 1180 hp to use when chopping maize and rye. It is fitted with a 36 knife drum, suited for the short chop lengths we require.  The 9m (30') maize header makes short work of pulling the crop into the machine, the feed rolls  then compress the maize before the chopping drum cuts it into small particles. The internal 'corn cracker' makes sure every grain is cracked before the accelerator fires the maize up to 12m (40') into the waiting tractor and trailers


Vaderstadt Tempo L12 (Click for more info)

Our high speed Tempo L drill is capable of driiling both maize and sugarbeet. The high precision singling mechanisms, coupled with variable pressure control guarentee accurate placement of the seed every time. The fertiliser tank allows us to put fertiliser right where the seed needs it to allow quick germination and early vigour, giving the planst the best start we can. It has full section control, eliminating overlaps, giving savings which translate to lower costs and more environmentall sustainable farming.


Jenz Wood Chipper (Click for more info)


The Mobile wood chipper is an unassuming piece of machienery that can actually take a 60cm (2') log and turn it into wood chip. We use it for producing biomass from core wood, brash and arbocultural arisings. It is a PTO machine and in this image is coupled to our Case Magnum. The crane is controlled from the comfort of the cab and feeds the chipper without anyone having to be outside.