Anaerobic Digestion

The Digester provides Green Energy to the UK market as well as creating a local economic bubble of employment, market for crops and carbon freindly fertiliser.

Run by Vulcan Renewables the on-farm Anaerobic Digester was commisioned in 2013. Utilising crops grown on our farm, and others,  it can export up to 1,000 m3/hour of Methane as well as powering a 0.5 MWe CHP for electricity generation. This provides a renewable solution to the countrys energy demands as well as providing a sustainable market for our crops.  The site also produces both a solid and liquid fertiliser which are used on the farm to reduce our reliance on in-organic inputs.


Vulcan upgrade project

The Vulcan site currently has a Network Entry Agreement (“NEA”) allowing injection of up to 1,200m3/hour of biomethane. Since commissioning, the plant has run at gas output of c. 450-500m3/hour and therefore has sufficient headroom through the NEA to export more RHI eligible gas. In order to produce the additional gas, an upgrade project is being developed with Future Biogas to increase the facility’s output by converting one of the three tanks to form a third fermenter and to construct new digestate storage facilities. The works being considered will allow for a biomethane production of approximately 1,000m3/hour thereby leaving scope for further upgrades to fully utilise the NEA allowance.

The Vulcan plant is able to receive additional RHI tariff for additional generating capacity that a site extension can add to the existing facility, thereby making this upgrade project an economically attractive option.

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